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View these additional resources for more information about FASTTR on AWS and how it can help organizations in highly regulated industries meet complex government security requirements and achieve Authority to Operate.

Solution Brief: FASTTR on AWS

FASTTR brings together three innovative cybersecurity solutions hosted on Amazon Web Services to benefit independent software providers and regulated defense contractors that are required to comply with complex government security regulations such as FedRAMP, FISMA, CMMC and soon, StateRAMP.


Answers to your top questions about FASTTR – Faster ATO with Splunk, Telos and ThreatAlert® for Regulated Markets.

ATO for Cloud Service Providers: The FASTTR, The Better

stackArmor, Splunk, and Telos sat down to discuss their partnership with AWS on the FASTTR initiative, a new solution to make it faster and cheaper for enterprises to obtain authority to operate (ATO) with the Federal government. Watch to learn about the benefits of the FASTTR initiatives over other ATO solutions and more.

To learn more about FASTTR on AWS and how it can help reduce the time and cost of your FedRAMP, FISMA/RMF or CMMC project, contact us.